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Christmas trees not allowed in Dedham libraries this season

Christmas trees not allowed in Dedham libraries this season
Christmas trees not allowed in Dedham libraries this season 02:47

DEDHAM - A festive wreath hangs on the door of Dedham Library's Endicott Branch. But step inside, and it's business as usual between the bookshelves. The branch supervisor told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 their Christmas tree is staying in storage.

"I was told that, when people, I use the word people, walked in that room, it made them uncomfortable," branch supervisor Lisa Desmond told WBZ Radio.

Desmond posted her disappointment on social media; hundreds of passionate responses followed.

"Town hall has a menorah out. I say let's celebrate every tradition, religion, whatever it is that sparks joy for you and your family. Let's have more of that," Desmond said.

Many Dedham neighbors seem to support that sentiment - inclusion and representation - instead of elimination.

"I think we should have symbols of everybody. It's the holidays; we should be celebrating to get through these dark times, and I think a lot of people are really stressed out for good reasons. It's time to relax and reset before the new year. I say have more items of celebration," said one parent, who is a weekly visitor to the library.

"We should be tolerant. Respect my faith, I respect your faith. Love me, I love you. Makes life easy!" another father added, leaving the Endicott branch with his children.

Neighbors not engaging in the social media sideshow, stay focused on kindness and community.

"Just open our hearts up in light the way Christmas trees are supposed to and Hanukkah candles and let us just let it go!" a Dedham woman said, passing by the large lit Christmas tree in Dedham Square.

WBZ-TV called and emailed the board of library trustees and the library director who made this decision. A town spokesperson said a statement will be released Thursday. 

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