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Chocolate Is The Best Cure For A Cough, Expert Says

LONDON (CBS) -- When it comes to soothing a scratchy throat, a British doctor says it's best to forget the honey and lemon and go for the chocolate

Alyn Morice, a professor at Hull University and founding member of the "International Society for the Study of the Cough," writes in The Daily Mail that a new study shows people with sore throats got better faster with a chocolate-based medicine.

Research concludes that the thickness of chocolate coats the throat and prevents the urge to cough, Morice said.

"I know that might sound like something out of Mary Poppins, but as an independent clinician who has spent years researching the mechanism of cough, I can assure you the evidence is actually as solid a bar of Fruit and Nut," Morice writes.

He also says that an ingredient in cocoa has shown to be better for throat care than codeine, a staple of cough medicines.

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