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13-Year-Old Girl Who Died In Lawrence Was From Amesbury

LAWRENCE (CBS) - A 13-year-old girl who was pronounced dead shortly after she was brought to Lawrence General Hospital was from Amesbury. Her family identified her as Chloe Ricard.

Her mother is heartbroken and desperate for answers. "You ruined my life," said Debi Goldsmith-Dolan. "All you had to do if she was sick was call the ambulance, do something to try and save her. You took away my world."

"She loved to draw," said stepfather Brian Dolan. "She was very beautiful. She had her problems but she was a great kid."

Ricard was brought to the Lawrence General Hospital emergency room at 4:47 pm Monday and pronounced dead, the Essex District Attorney's Office said.

"What happened? Who did this?" asked Dolan. "The doctor told me, she goes: 'I tried everything I can. When they came in, she was lifeless, she had no pulse.'"

The medical examiner performed an autopsy Tuesday.

"However we anticipate it will take some time before there is a ruling on the cause and manner of death," said Carrie Kimball, a spokesperson for the D.A.

There have been no arrests.

"I hope she was not killed violently. I don't know," Goldsmith-Dolan said.

The teenager told her parents she was hanging out with a couple of friends only to be left for dead at the hospital.

"I can't make sense as to how someone could be that heartless and do that," Goldsmith-Dolan said.

It is unclear who brought Ricard to the hospital.

Chloe Ricard
Chloe Ricard. (Photo credit: Ricard family)

"This kid isn't a bag of trash. This kid is a human being," said Dolan.

No other information is available at this point in the investigation.

"[It's] like someone just yanked one of my best friends in the whole world out of my life way before it ever should have been taken," said brother Kyle Ricard.

He added, "I hope it was worth it. If something foul went on, you guys are going to go to jail for it."

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