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Man Seriously Injured In Chinatown Carjacking; Suspect Arrested

BOSTON (CBS) - Speaking from his hospital bed at Tufts Medical Center, 64-year-old Wei Wu says he's happy to be alive after being carjacked Thursday afternoon in Chinatown. "I wanted to stop him from stealing my car," Wu said.

Wu said he was working Thursday afternoon selling oranges on Beach Street as he does several days a week. He had just started up his car when a man came and hopped in the driver seat and began to drive away. That's when Wu tried to stop him.

"He pushed the car door and it hit me so I hurt," Wu said.

Wu suffered serious injuries to his face and hands.

"The guy stole his car and then he went to catch it and the guy slammed the door on his face on this side," Gloria Zhu, Wu's ex-wife.

Folks who work in the busy downtown area are shocked.

Wu is very well known in Chinatown as the man who works so hard selling fruit on Beach St. Right now, he says he's not sure when he will be back because of his injuries.

"He's a very hard worker. He sells fruit during the day and at night he has another restaurant job," a woman said. "A lot of people know him so I'm sure they all wish him a speedy recovery."

The family says police informed them that the suspect was later arrested and now faces multiple charges. Police did not release the suspect's name.

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