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Chimney Collapses In Back Bay Brownstone

BOSTON (CBS) -- The chimney of a brownstone in Boston's Back Bay collapsed, causing extensive damage Monday morning.

A Beacon Street building is damaged after a chimney collapsed Monday (WBZ-TV)

According to the Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD), seven-feet of brick fell from the chimney onto the roof and through the building to the first floor.

"The building is unoccupied, it's under construction. There were four workers inside the building, they walked out of the building safely," said Boston Fire Department's Marc Sander at the scene.

They had been working on the brownstone's three other chimneys at the time.

The four-story, Beacon Street building now has a large hole in its roof.

A neighbor who was standing outside of the building recalled, "I was sitting in the loft area of my apartment and it just started shaking. I was sure that it was going to come down so I just ran downstairs and I grabbed my coat and came out."

No injuries were reported by anyone nearby.

chimney collapse
A view of the damage from inside of the brownstone after the chimney collapse Monday. (Photo credit: Boston Fire Dept.)

Police had closed the Beacon Street block between Fairfield Street and Gloucester Steet while they investigated but it has since reopened.

A building inspector is expected to assess the integrity of the building Monday early afternoon.

ISD said the property owner has been asked to hire a structural engineer to conduct a full assessment of the property. They were not found violating any laws and were fully permitted.

While the fire department and ISD are still looking into what caused the collapse, they said the building was over a century old and the movement and banging while construction was going on at the decaying building may be to blame.

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