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In YouTube Video, Waltham Teachers Thank Students Who Inspire Them

WALTHAM (CBS) -- At Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School, a lesson in kindness and appreciation is being taught--not in the classroom, but on YouTube.

The private boarding school recently launched a new video of teachers giving high praise marks to ten students who have inspired them.

The #InspirationVideo features teachers telling the students about the progress they've seen them make, their positive spirits, and more.

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall #InspirationVideo by Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall on YouTube

Sophomore Malachi Longmore was moved by his teacher's comments about him.

"My heart was filled with joy and I am so thankful," Malachi said.

Teacher Becky LaCoste got all choked up in her message to her student Ollie Monleon.

"I chose her because I have seen so much growth in her," LaCoste said.

waltham Chapell Hill-Chauncy High School
Chapell Hill-Chauncy High School in Waltham. (WBZ-TV)

Teacher Stephanie Daniels chose student Emma Jones.

"She makes me remember to have a smile on my face and appreciate others," Daniels said.

CH-CH is a small school of 180 high school students. The purpose of the video project was for teachers to pick any student they wanted and deliver an inspiring message to them on camera catching them off guard.

waltham Chapell Hill-Chauncy High School
A student smiles in response to their teacher praising them in the Chapel Hill-Chauncy High video. (WBZ-TV)

"To hear someone say they appreciate me it was such a special thing for me," Jones said.

All of the students were surprised--and the video is generating a lot of buzz.

"This was a chance in a very fun way of how inspirational the students are everyday to their teachers," creator Matthew Soule said.

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