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Chanel West Coast On MTV's 'Ridiculousness' & New Album: 'Entertaining Is What I'm Good At'

(CBS Local)-- Chanel West Coast has been performing and entertaining audiences since she was a teenager. The panelist on MTV's hit show "Ridiculousness" has made a name for herself across the country with her comedic takes about the craziest videos on the internet, but music will always be her first love.


Her new album called America's Sweetheart dropped October 23 and the musician and TV personality is really proud of what she put together during the quarantine earlier this year.

"Obviously this year has been rough for everybody and I had a lot of bigger plans for my album. Originally I wanted to do a video like Beyonce-style for every single song and then this year happened," said West Coast, in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "I had a video that we wanted to shoot on an island and a lot of the locations were not accessible anymore. We put out the album without all the visuals and it has been a long time in the works. I've been working on this for a really long time. Half of the songs were songs I recorded in my house this year. I didn't have Ridiculousness filming for a few months, so I was really finally able to put everything aside and I feel like I was able to put together the piece of work I wanted to put together."

The Los Angeles native first started recording music when she was 15 years old and this was the first time she ever recorded songs from home. Recording in quarantine reminded her of the early days of her music career when West Coast was recording in small studios. The 32-year-old was inspired by artists like 50 Cent and Mobb Deep and has done both hip hop and pop in her music career. While the music is extremely important to West Coast, being on TV as a panelist on MTV's "Ridiculousness" has taken her career to the next level.

"Since I was little, I would watch TV and say I want to do that," said West Coast. "I love doing TV and I would love to get into more acting. I love to do it all. I love film and TV and I want to get into directing and I used to do voiceovers for cartoons. Entertaining in general is what I'm good at. I was already doing the other show Fantasy Factory and Rob Dyrdek told me and Sterling Brim about this new show and I didn't think Ridiculousness was going to be bigger than Fantasy Factory and Rob & Big. I grew up watching Rob & Big and  I was a fan of Rob and it's kind of surreal and I guess you can say I can really live out my dream."

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