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Police Report Details Chandler Jones' Trip To Foxboro Police Department

FOXBORO (CBS) – Patriots Pro Bowl defensive end Chandler Jones was shirtless and anxious upon his arrival at the Foxboro Police Department on Sunday, but described as cordial as he sought help for a medical emergency, newly released documents show.

Read: Foxboro Police Reports on Chandler Jones Incident

The police reports, which were released on Thursday, indicate that on Sunday at 7:40 a.m., Jones walked to the police station parking lot wearing only a pair of sweatpants

"In a very hurried fashion this individual scurried through the lot where the cruisers are parked, and then made a direct line to the rear, Police Only, entry point to the station," a responding officer wrote in his report. "Without warning or provocation the individual abruptly got down on his knees and placed his hands behind his head."

Foxboro Police

In his report, Officer David Foscaldo writes a similar description about how Jones dropped to his knees.

"For a quick second or two, this man held this position – it was like this man was trying to surrender (he was literally 'as stiff as a board'/he was both upright and rigid.)," Foscaldo wrote. "This man abruptly released his hands, and he started to move slowly toward the ground. Honestly, it appeared as if he was actively praying or worshiping."


Jones appeared nervous and anxious, police said, and was evaluated by paramedics.

The Pro Bowl defensive end remarked several times that he had "been told"to come to the police station.

"It was quite evident that Mr. Jones was desparately seeking our assistance, and he had certainly not committed any crimes – nor had he violated any laws or town-bylaws," Foscaldo's report says.

"Mr. Jones was not armed, and he did not have any narcotics either on his person or his possession. Even though at times Mr. Jones was somewhat (redacted), for a vast majority of our interaction with him, he still managed to be polite, cooperative and respectful."


After Jones told police he left his keys at his nearby home, police went to his residence and found the front door open.

The officer "noticed the smell of burnt marijuana" in the home before locking the door.

About 25 minutes after arriving at the police station, Jones was transported by ambulance to Norwood Hospital.

The reason for Jones' medical emergency remains unclear, though the Boston Globe reported on Wednesday it was a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.


Foxboro Town Manager William Keegan defended the way the case was handled after reports surfaced of potential conflict of interest between the police department and the Patriots.

Police Chief Edward O'Leary serves as the town's Chief of Policing Services at Gillette Stadium during special events, such as Patriots games.

"The Town and its public safety personnel acted professionally, impartially and to the best of their ability to assist the individual who requested medical assistance in this case," Keegan said, who added "There is no conflict of interest."

During his press conference on Thursday, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said there is "nothing more important to me than the health and well-being of our players and staff," though he did not get into details on Jones' incident.

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