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Chad Johnson Leaves A $276 Tip -- His 'Really Horrible' Yard Total With Patriots

BOSTON (CBS) -- Chad Johnson is not only a generous tipper, but he's also pretty hilarious when leaving a gratuity.

Johnson is known for leaving a bountiful tip when he goes out, but he also adds a little something extra for his server. Johnson will often leave a random stat from his NFL career written on his receipt, and his most recent one had to do with his forgettable year with the New England Patriots.

Johnson left a $276 tip on a $91.36 bill, and explained how he got that random number.

"I only had 276 yards with the Patriots which was really horrible" he wrote. Johnson also signed the receipt with "I love you" at the bottom.

Johnson had just 15 receptions and one touchdown in 15 games for the Patriots in 2011, the final year of his career.

But if you're a waiter or waitress and you see Chad Johnson walk into your restaurant, make sure he's sitting at a table you serve. Not only will you likely receive a nice tip, but you'll also probably learn a little fun fact about the receiver's NFL career.

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