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Jayson Tatum Finally Gets His Own Hoop

BOSTON (CBS) -- Jayson Tatum can finally ball at home. The Celtics All-Star is the proud new owner of his own hoop so he can put up some shots during the NBA's coronavirus hiatus.

Boston's rising star raised a few eyebrows two weeks ago when he told ESPN's Rachel Nichols that he hadn't touched a basketball since the Celtics last game before the NBA put the season on hold. He blamed the New England weather, and also pointed to the expensive cost of installing a hoop. Life is tough on a rookie contract, apparently.

But fret no more about Tatum losing his shot, because he now has a hoop at home.

The hoop is appropriately named "Big Deuce." Before you let your mind wander, "Deuce" is Tatum's son, Jayson Jr.'s, nickname. As you can see in the video above, Deuce is helping his dad break in their new hoop.

Tatum said a few weeks ago that he had everything else he needed to stay fit while the Celtics training facility remains closed. But his lack of a hoop prompted C's president of basketball ops. to crack a joke at Tatum's expense, saying he's been putting so many videos of himself (and his dog) shooting hoops as an invite to Tatum.

"He can come use it any time he wants," joked Ainge. "It's all his."

Tatum no longer needs to visit Ainge to put up some shots.

The NBA's break came at an unfortunate time for the 22-year-old, who was fresh off winning Eastern Conference Player of the Month in February. He was ascending toward superstar status this season, making his first All-Star appearance while averaging a career-high 23.6 points and 7.1 assists per game, leading the Celtics to a 43-21 record — good for third in the Eastern Conference.

Tatum was shooting 45 percent from the floor on 19 attempts per game for the season. Hopefully now that he has a hoop to fill his free time, that percentage won't dip too much when the Celtics and NBA return to action.

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