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Doc Rivers 'Didn't Enjoy' Coaching Against Son Austin

BOSTON (CBS) -While the Boston Celtics snapped their six-game win streak with a 90-78 loss to the New Orleans Hornets on Wednesday, at least head coach Doc Rivers had the joy of coaching against his son, Austin, right?

Not quite.

"It's just a strange dynamic," Rivers said following the game, only fourth time in NBA history a father has coached against his son. "I didn't enjoy it, honestly. I know it's neat for everyone else, but, as a father, I don't know if I enjoyed that."

"You see your son run by you down the floor -- I mean, that's just different," he said. "The one time he made the layup in front of our bench and runs right by you, you know I'm used to being like, 'Keep going!' and instead I'm yelling at my guy for letting him get to the basket. It's just different."

Doc On Coaching Against His Son: 


The younger Rivers -- drafted 10th overall in last June's draft out of Duke -- enjoyed a solid evening after struggling for the last two weeks, scoring eight points off 3-of-6 shooting in 23 minutes off the bench.

After the game, Austin said he was elated to get the win, but added it was a strange feeling since he's become so close with the Celtics players over the years.

"I got the ultimate scouting report because I know their tendencies… but that doesn't mean you can stop it, because those guys are hall of fame players out there," he said. "It was a different situation; it was like playing against your old team. I didn't play with them, but it feels like I've been through it all with them. Even though it was through the stands when I was young, I've seen everything. I've always had so much respect for all of them."

Austin Rivers On Playing Against His Dad: 


"I still want [the Celtics] to do well," he said. "Obviously when we play them I'm trying to win, but I watch a lot of their games and I want them to do well because I know a lot of those guys. And obviously I want my dad to do well, just because he invests so much time and he never sleeps... So I just always want him to do well because I love him."

But that doesn't mean there wasn't a little trash talk exchanged, with the younger Rivers getting the upper-hand after their first match-up.

"I'm not texting him; I'm going [into the coach's offices] right now," proclaimed Austin. "This is my household now."

"I'm just joking, just joking," he said quickly. "I'm not going to say anything too stupid, because at the end of the day he has a lot more credentials than I do. This is just one little moment for me."

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