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Celtics' 'City Edition' Uniforms Pay Tribute To Red Auerbach, Parquet Floor

BOSTON (CBS) -- Nike released the majority of its "City Edition" uniforms for NBA teams on Wednesday, and the Celtics' version pays tribute to Red Auerbach and Boston's famous parquet floor.

The grey unis are kind of neat, much better than the sleeved, grey abominations that the Celtics have worn in recent years. In addition to Auerbach's signature and a hardwood design gracing the jersey, the belt buckle is a replica of the 2008 Championship banner:

Celtics City Edition
Nike unveiled the new City Edition uniforms for all 30 teams on Wednesday. The Celtics' uniforms pay tribute to Red Auerbach, Boston's famous hardwood floor and their most recent NBA title. (Nike)


Here's Nike's descriptions of Boston's uniforms:

The Celtics City Edition uniform pays tribute to this unique hardwood floor and the man credited with starting the dynasty, Red Auerbach. The belt buckle is accentuated with the iconic banner design to match the crowded TD Garden rafters and highlights the Celtics' most recent NBA Championship in 2008. Gray, the color of unity, was incorporated in the uniform to signify the large regional fan base spread across New England that rallies behind the Celtics year in and out.

If you aren't a fan of the look, there will be new "City Edition" uniforms released every season. So you only have to deal with these for a handful of games this season before a new one is released next year.

And again, at least they don't have sleeves.

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