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Celtics @ 7: What Is Brad Stevens' Ideal 10-Man Rotation?

BOSTON (CBS) – Training camp is underway for the Celtics and the preseason starts Tuesday in Milan, Italy.

The team is already overseas, but Adam Kaufman and NBA insider Jessica Camerato were in studio for Saturday's "Celtics @ 7" on 98.5 The Sports Hub.

The show's crew discussed how coach Brad Stevens will take his current 16-man roster and form a 10-man rotation, a subject clearly up for much debate.

Among the other topics covered were the additions of Amir Johnson and David Lee and their roles as veterans, whether a knee injury to Perry Jones will cost him a spot on the roster, the overwhelming praise over the play of Isaiah Thomas, expectations for the rookies and the team as a whole, and more.

Enjoy the full, hour-long podcast below.

Listen to this week's full episode of Celtics @ 7:

Celtics @ 7 Part 1

Celtics @ 7 Part 2

Celtics @ 7 Part 3

Celtics @ 7 Part 4


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