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Celtics At 7: Examining Rondo's Improved Shot

BOSTON (CBS) -- On Monday night's "Celtics At 7," Adam Jones takes a look at Rajon Rondo's much-improved shooting touch.

While Rondo is shooting just 40 percent from the field (down from his career 48 percent) he's hitting career-highs from three-point range (36 percent) and at the free throw line (74 percent).

Is this just a mirage or has Rondo figured something out? Jones isn't sold on the improvement just yet, given Rondo has played just 15 games this season. But Rondo has at least reached out to assistant coach Ron Adams, who helped Avery Bradley with his jumper this season.

"Ron Adams, the Celtics assistant coach who is well-respected in NBA circles for being a defensive coach, apparently he has a reputation for working with people and improving their jump shot. He is given a lot of the credit from Avery Bradley for re-finding his stroke this year. (ESPN's Chris) Forsberg wrote over the weekend that maybe working with Rondo is rubbing off," noted Jones.

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"You look at the numbers Rondo has put up, he is one three-pointer shy for his career high of makes in a season. He hit 17 in 2010, and he's already hit 16 in 15 games this year, shooting 36 percent. Not that that is lighting the world on fire, but if Rondo is making mid-30 percent on his three's, that's a whole different weapon," he said.

Rondo is attempting nearly three three-pointers per game this season, showing a little more confidence in his shot from downtown.

"I'm not totally buying-in yet, but that detail with Ron Adams working with other guys and taking Rondo aside and working with him in the off-season makes me believe it a little more," said Jones. "I'd still trade him in the off-season, but maybe this makes him a little more trade-able too. Maybe teams look at it and say 'his shooting has improved over the last year-plus, that makes him a little more attractive.' If Rondo is putting in the work and improving on his shot -- those are my two big criticisms of him."

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"It's a tiny sample size so let's see how things level out. But maybe that is the extra push another team needs when they're looking at Rondo and some of the flaws in his game," said Jones. "It's a reason to go the extra mile or give the Celtics that extra asset, because the Celtics can make the case that they've worked with him and he's figuring out how to shoot."

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Celtics At 7: Examining Rondo's Improved Shot


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