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Celtics @ 7: How Supportive Will Fans Be?

BOSTON (CBS) - Saturday's edition of "Celtics @ 7" asked fans and followers of the Celtics how supportive they will be if the C's endure a second trying season of their rebuild. Largely, the Celts deserve patience from their fans, but it remains to be seen if Boston fans will continue to trek out to the Garden.

Ian Thomsen, formerly of Sports Illustrated, joined the program in the second segment to address that question and further explore what moves the Celtics will or should make before the start of the season. Thomsen also addressed the future of Rajon Rondo, and what a fair return would look like for the All-Star point guard.

Thomsen and Kaufman spent a little time on the horrific leg injury suffered by Pacers star Paul George at Team USA's scrimmage on Friday night, and what that means for the future of Indiana and NBA players participating in the Summer Games.

Enjoy the podcast below:

Celtics @ 7: How Supportive Will Fans Be?


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