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Celani: DeflateGate Perspective Impossible To Find With Rampant Credibility Issues

BOSTON (CBS) -  The ongoing DeflateGate drama officially jumped the shark on Thursday, when the Patriots launched a website titled to dispute the findings of Ted Wells and his investigate team.

What next? Wells buys the domain for This is all so silly.

Trying to put this drama in perspective is tough, because if we've learned anything over the past four months it's that everybody involved has credibility problems.

Patriots fans, and I'm one of them, if we're being honest, it's more probable than not they probably did something wrong -- even though I don't think it was definitively proven by Wells.

Other 31 teams' fans, if you're being honest, you're generally aware that this is the most overblown sports scandal since, well, ever. Unless you're talking about car tires or Super Soakers, never before in the history of earth have people cared this much about pressurized air.

When the NFL dropped the 243-page Wells Report last Wednesday, media members rushed to their keyboards to dispense the hottest take possible within minutes mere seconds without having read the stupid thing. That's lacking in credibility.

Exponent, the California-based engineering firm hired by the NFL to analyze the scientific aspect of the investigation, has no credibility.

Equally as uncredible is the Patriots' insistence that locker room attendant Jim McNally calls himself "The Deflator" because of his desire to lose weight.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell obviously lacks credibility, and we're finding out that Ted Wells isn't exactly a beacon of credibility either.

Whether or not you think McNally did something nefarious in that Gillette Stadium bathroom is missing the mark and losing sight of the real point, which is, we're talking about the air pressure in footballs!

Over the past four months I've seen grown men literally (Mark Brunell) and figuratively (Chris Simms, countless others) cry about Tom Brady "the cheater," calling into question his integrity and Hall of Fame credentials.

I've listened to a satellite radio host completely embarrass himself by trying to pick a fight with Tom Brady's old man. I've seen Nobel Prize winners debunk the Wells Report, only to have their credibility called into question for his financial ties to the Kraft family.

What are we doing here?

Wake me up when it's over.

(Side note: Is anybody else sneaky-hoping that Tom Brady has to serve some form of a suspension, just to see how backup Jimmy Garoppolo does? Just me? Sorry, my bad.)

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