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Protester Arrested Outside Boston City Hall, Charged With Assaulting Police Officer

BOSTON (CBS) - A protester was arrested outside Boston City Hall after police said she pushed an officer during a protest on Tuesday.

Police said Catherine Vitale, 31, Dorchester, and another person gathered with megaphones to interrupt a press conference on Boston Marathon safety measures. The two were escorted outside, where they continued to shout into the microphone, drawing a crowd. Police said they told the two to stop after an employee at a local business complained about the disruption. Police said Vitale then tried to force her way back into City Hall and pushed an officer.

Vitale was charged with disturbing the police and assault and battery on a police officer. She was arraigned on Wednesday and released on personal recognizance.

"The right to protest and to dissent are central to our democracy and will be protected. Physical assaults, however, are not a valid form of protest," District Attorney Kevin Hayden said.

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