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Over A Dozen Cars Vandalized Overnight In Randolph

RANDOLPH (CBS) -- Several cars in Randolph were vandalized overnight, police say.

The vandalism, various black spray-painted marks and messages, was first reported around 6 a.m. on Tuesday. About 20 cars in total were damaged between North Main and North Streets, according to police, as of Tuesday afternoon.

"I was upset and I'm still upset because I have to go through this whole process of trying to get this all taken care of. It's annoying," said Hattie Smith, who was hoping her insurance company would make quick work of the incident to spare her from driving around in her vandalized car.

A vandalized car in Randolph (Photo Courtesy: Cory Sullivan)

The cars seem to have been chosen at random.

At least one car had "666" spray-painted on it, another had a swastika. Two trucks were keyed.

"Kids are bored man, kids are really bored. Cause I don't think it's somebody that doesn't like somebody," said David Santana, whose mother's tires were slashed. "I think it's just kids trying to have fun and they're really bored."

Police are investigating the incidents and ask anyone with information or who also believes they are a victim is asked to call 781-963-1212.

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