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Runners On Alert After Attempted Assault In Carlisle

CARLISLE (CBS) - Carlisle Police are looking for help finding a suspect who attempted to assault a woman at Great Brook State Park Wednesday night.

"She described him as a full size person, kind of unkempt looking," said Carlisle Police Chief John Fisher.

Fisher said the woman was just finishing up jogging at the park around 7:30 Wednesday night when the suspect, who could be in his late 30s early 40s, aggressively approached her car in the parking lot. The suspect was last seen wearing green, with an American flag bandanna and gloves with the finger tips cut off.

"She felt uncomfortable got in her car locked all the doors. He stood behind her car smoking and then approached her window suddenly. Her window was cracked slightly and he reached in with his finger tips," said Chief Fisher.

The chief said the man yelled "no" then something else the woman couldn't understand before she backed up and took off.

"Well attempting to assault someone is the same as assaulting them. He definitely caused her alarm," said Chief Fisher.

People passing through the quaint town tell us they'll be a little more alert now when out at night in the area.

"As someone who rides out here a lot you get accustomed to the quiet roads and how peaceful it is out here it is a shock," said Jason Rude.

"You prepare more when you're in the city, perhaps not necessarily when you come out here it's a little surprising to see somebody behind a car or behind a tree," said John Allario.

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