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Carl Stevens Talks To The Candidates: Jeff McCormick, Independent Candidate For Governor

BOSTON (CBS) - Jeff McCormick is a man with an impressive resume.

He's a graduate of Syracuse University, class of 1983, where he was captain of a national champion lacrosse team.

A decade later, he started his own venture capital firm.  It's the experience of helping to grow new businesses that he hopes to bring to Beacon Hill as governor, running as an independent.

"For 27 years I've been building companies in education, energy, biotech, software. Those companies have created thousands of jobs and we need jobs throughout the Commonwealth. We also need solutions and those companies provide solutions," McCormick told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 recently..

"We have to make sure small businesses can grow, because that's where the vast majority of job growth comes from. You can do things like reduce the cost of energy, which I'm doing in the private sector. You can reduce the cost of health care, which is being done in the private sector. But also, on the regulatory side, we have to make Beacon Hill a friendlier place to do business."

It's all about creating jobs with Jeff McCormick.

Building businesses is what he does and is why he wants to be governor.

"Why can't there be someone who has the skill set, and the experience in office who can make sound decisions? I think we need someone in office who understands how to roll up his or her sleeves and get the job done," said McCormick.

The McCormick interview is part of a series of interviews Carl Stevens and WBZ NewsRadio 1030 will be conducting with the candidates running for office in November.

Listen to the McCormick inteview here:


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