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Carl Stevens' Journal: A Poem For Deb Lawler

Gather ye peoples, and hear what I know:
Bring the children around to the radio,
Get stuck inside my verbal web
And hear my tale of a gal named Deb.

Born from the womb of undying appeal,
She delivers the news with great zest and zeal.
The words themselves seem to shimmer and glisten..
This woman, Deb Lawler, gives us reason to listen.

For thirty years now she's delivered the news
To countless parishioners in their vehicular pews,
She calms the fears of those who are queasy,
For three decades now here on WBZ…

As forceful as Wilfork, as polished as Bird,
She identifies the tree in a forest of words…
She glides through headlines like an Impala,
As smooth as Menino's "guacamala."

She conducts this symphony, measure by measure,
Making this work, right here, a pleasure.
I am not omniscient, but this much I know…
You teach us, each day, how to be a pro.

So keep giving us news, and sports, and weather,
While you and me, Coke, keep growing older together.


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