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Lyft Driver, Passengers Plummet 40 Feet Onto Commuter Rail Tracks Near South Station

BOSTON (CBS) - Four people were rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning after a crash caused a Lyft driver's car to plummet 40 feet onto Commuter Rail tracks in Boston's South End.

Two cars collided at Washington and Herald streets around 4:44 a.m. and one fell down onto the train tracks below. It ended up on its roof.

With his father translating, Lyft driver John Galeano told WBZ-TV he had just picked up a couple in the South End and was heading for Logan Airport when the trip nearly turned tragic.

car on tracks commuter rail
The car ended up on its roof after falling 40 feet from Washington and Herald streets. (WBZ-TV)

"It was painful, but he feels lucky he's still alive," Galeano's father Saul Aguilar said.

Galeano and his passengers were traveling on Washington Street when he says a car blew through the intersection at Herald Street and broadsided him.

"The speed of the other guy is too fast," Aguilar said.

That sent Galeano's car careening through a fence and onto the Commuter Rail tracks below. Galeano recalls hanging from his seatbelt upside down.

"Thank God he's OK," Aguilar said.

Galeano and the airport-bound couple went to the hospital and so did the man who hit them. Police say no one is seriously hurt.

John Galeano
Lyft driver John Galeano (WBZ-TV

The car was removed from the tracks just before 6:30 a.m.

The incident did delay some commuter trains up to an hour.

Nick Tabak, who took the train Wednesday morning, was on his way back to the office for the first time since March.

"They said there was a car accident, and one of the cars flipped onto the tracks," said Tabak. "It's my first day going to the office in like 17 months. So I expected something to go wrong."

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