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Videos Show Funnel Cloud, Waterspout In Cape Cod Canal

BOURNE (CBS) – As tornado warnings hit southeastern Massachusetts Tuesday afternoon, photos and videos showed dramatic images of funnel clouds in the area.

One video taken by Glen Bryant showed a possible tornado or waterspout by the Bourne Bridge.

bourne bridge bryant
A funnel cloud by the Bourne Bridge (Image credit: Glen Bryant)

"You can see the clearly formed funnel there, this is a no-doubter," WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher said. "We don't see very clear views of funnels in southern New England too often. . . this is one of the clearest ones that I can remember around the area in the last few years."

Another video shot by Dan Corey showed a waterspout on the Cape Cod Canal.

"That's right in the canal," Fisher said. "That is a clear touchdown of a waterspout and a tornado if it did come ashore on the banks there."

Impressive storm clouds could be seen for miles; Daniel Wood captured a wall cloud right over the canal in Sandwich.

wall cloud
A wall cloud near the Cape Cod Canal (Image credit: Daniel Wood)

There were no immediate reports of damage, but hail coated the ground in some spots.

If you are able to safely take storm pictures, share them with us here.

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