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Campaign In Wellesley To Make Ms. G The State Groundhog

WELLESLEY (CBS) - For the past five years, there's been one prognosticator and tonight, there's a push to get her the recognition she deserves. In early February, Ms. G., the groundhog, predicts a longer winter or early spring. Now, there's a proposal to name her as the state's official groundhog!

The joint committee on State Administrations and Regulatory Oversight held a one-time special hearing on the Ms. G Bill at Wellesley Public library where students were invited to speak on Ms. G's behalf.

"It's about science, it's about civics, it's about their role in our political system," House Chairman Peter Kocot says.

State Rep. Alice Peisch (D-Wellesley) wrote the bill and is sponsoring it. "It's an opportunity for them (the students) to learn about the political process and to see how a bill becomes a law, to see that they can have an influence on what the legislature does and I think it's been a terrific experience for all involved," Peisch said.

Right now, Ms. G is in a deep slumber, but she'll awaken on February 2nd to give her prediction. As one Wellesley elementary student, Nalina points out, "Last year Punxsutawney Phil's prediction was wrong and Ms. G was right!"

The goal is not only to have a state groundhog with local forecast expertise, but also to encourage students to study weather. If you would like to read more about the Ms. G campaign initiative, and how you can help, check out her website:

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