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How Cambridge is using special rat hunting dogs to curb pest problem

Pack of rat hunting dogs helps curb pest population in Cambridge
Pack of rat hunting dogs helps curb pest population in Cambridge 01:53

BOSTON - Cambridge has found a new and unique way to help the city's pest problem, a pack of rat hunting dogs.

The dogs are trained to go into alleys, restaurants and businesses to sniff out the pests. 

"Literally a rat will jump out of a trash can or come at them and they'll literally just grab them and give it a couple of shakes and that's it," Co-Founder of Unique Pest Management Scott Mullaney said.

Scott Mullaney and his wife co-founded Unique Pest Management, which has locations in New England, D.C. and Philadelphia. 

They bring their pack of terriers to Cambridge once a month to help curb the rat problem. 

"Our dogs will go through sixty burrows and they'll figure out in about a literally minute and a half which burrows are inhabited. Then we can use the tool on them right there and you don't waste all that time, money, and material working on burrows you don't need to," Mullaney told WBZ.

He said that his dogs can kill several dozen rats a night and once the dogs have visited a rat burrow they are unlikely to return. Their current record is 88 rats in three hours.

The dogs should be used alongside other environmentally friendly pest management like dry ice.

For more information about the canine head to their website.

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