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'I'm Going To Get You Darling': Jogger Chases Man Who Flashed Her In Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Massachusetts State Police are looking for help tracking down a man who they say exposed himself to a jogger in Cambridge.

A woman was running on Memorial Drive near Vassar Street last Thursday around 7:30 a.m. when she said a man indecently exposed himself to her. The incident was recorded on nearby surveillance cameras and State Police made the video public Wednesday afternoon, hoping to generate leads in the case.

"The cameras got him and his face is pretty clear, I told him I'm going to get him," the woman said Wednesday. "I'm going to get you darling."

cambridge flasher
Police say the man on the right flashed the woman on the left on Memorial Drive in Cambridge July 18. (Image credit: Mass. State Police)

Standing tall at 6'1, this ex-Israeli military officer, mom of two is not who you want to mess with.

But last Thursday morning, this man did when he flashed the 35-year-old as she was running along Memorial Drive.

"He pulled his pants once and I didn't react too much I thought it's awkward," she said.

"As he came closer he pulled them again then I understood maybe it's not what I think it is and then he reached his hand out," she said. "It was not his lucky day cause I decided that's just not going to happen and I decided to chase him."

Once she caught up to him, the Brookline resident, who did not want to be identified, confronted the man and asked for his name.

When he wouldn't say it, she grabbed him, held him down and screamed for help.

"When I was holding him down he was terrified, he was really, really scared," she said.

A woman chased down the man who exposed himself while jogging (WBZ-TV)

She ended up calling the police herself—and that's when the man escaped.

"At least four people went by, nobody reacted, nobody did anything," she said. "I'm holding the guy down nobody is doing anything I had to do something."

And that something she needed to do happened Wednesday, arriving on a motorcycle to the State Police barracks fearless and with a message to the masses.

"People respond for God's sake if someone is saying call the police, everybody is trying to stay away don't get involved my day would be destroyed," she said. "Five minutes later I could've have been raped there in the corner you guys really too busy with your day to just call the police?"

cambridge flasher
Police say this man flashed a woman on Memorial Drive in Cambridge July 18. (Image credit: Mass. State Police)

The suspect is described as a short, white man with a heavy build and dark colored hair, last seen running down Amesbury St. Anyone who may recognize him is being urged to call State Police at 617-727-6780.

"I want to speak out I want people to know you have choice, those who passed by didn't help and those whoever come into this situation," the jogger said. "You could do something about it, my choice was to do something about it."

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