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Cambridge Reviewing New Bike Lanes After Businesses Complain

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) -- It's no secret that bikers and drivers have a very, close relationship when it comes to sharing the road.

"I think biking is great.  It's good for the environment, sometimes it's a little bit scary when you are driver," one driver told WBZ-TV.

The City of Cambridge has invested a lot time, money and attention on increasing the number of bike lanes over the past few years, helping bikers like Mike Hoffman and his therapy dog feel safer.

"With the bike lanes, I feel mostly very safe, but during rush hour anything goes.  It's very dangerous," Hoffman said.

cambridge bike lane generic

In the last ten months, Cambridge has added 1.1 miles of bike lanes.  But some business owners say those lanes are taking all their parking spaces and hurting their bottom line.

Robert Skenderian owns Skenderian Apothecary on Cambridge Street. He says the bike lane installed in front of his store has been a nightmare for his disabled customers who are afraid to get out, and he has seen his business drop by 20-percent.

cambridge bike lane
The bike lane outside Skenderian Apothecary on Cambridge Street. (WBZ-TV)

"They've been in place now for maybe about six weeks, and in that time, they have made access to the pharmacy virtually impossible for the handicap, for the elderly," Skenderian said.

City leaders are aware of the issue and plan to make adjustments.

"We think we've made it much easier for the bicyclists to drive through the city, but to be very honest there's been some concerns with the business community," City Manager Louis DePasquale said. "So we are now evaluating them to see can we tweak them here and there."

City officials plan to hold several meetings this winter to discuss ways to make improvements with future projects.

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