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Cam Newton Quotes Jay-Z From New Kanye West Album: 'You Are Not In Control Of My Thesis'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Cam Newton recently said that his Instagram account has less to do with him as a football player as it does with him as a human being. Yet when he posts to Instagram on the day of a game ... the message feels tied to his football life.

Whatever it may be that inspired him to post on Sunday afternoon, the day of the Patriots' third and final preseason game of the summer, the Patriots' quarterback quoted Jay-Z from the song "Jail," the second track on Kanye West's much-anticipated new album, "Donda."

"¥ØÜ ÂR£ ŃØT ĮŃ ČØŃTRØŁ ØF "mÿ" TH£§Į§" Newton wrote in his personalized font.

The accompanying photo showed Newton getting a hair trim in Boston.

The following line after that lyric is "You already know what I think 'bout think pieces."

It's possible that Newton was sending a message of some sort about his forthcoming work in the preseason finale. It's possible that he was simply sharing a lyric from a new song that he enjoyed.

Whatever the case, Newton will send his final and most important message regarding that QB competition with Mac Jones on Sunday evening in the Meadowlands.


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