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Cam Newton Calls Bill Belichick 'The Football Whisperer' After Patriots Win Over Ravens

BOSTON (CBS) -- Bill Belichick has experienced a lot of football. He's coached a lot of football. He's seen a lot of football. So not a lot surprises the head coach, and he always has his team prepared for what could be coming their way.

That was the case again Sunday night, as the Patriots were able to out-muscle a physical Ravens team en route to a shocking 23-17 victory at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots defense was ready for Baltimore's rush attack, which is not something the unit has been able to stop against anyone this season. But New England held Lamar Jackson and company to just 115 rushing yards for the evening.

On the flip side, the Patriots' vaunted rush attack was back, racking up 173 yards on the ground during the rain-soaked victory. New England had an outstanding game plan and they went out an executed to a T, leading to the team's best victory of the season.

It's almost like they have a really, really, really good head coach at the helm, one that is always prepared for what will likely happen -- but even more prepared for what could happen.

We've known that about Bill Belichick for years. Cam Newton, however, is experiencing it for the first time, and he has a new nickname for his head coach.

"Everything that coach coaches throughout the week, it tends to come up and I'm beginning to think he either has like a Staples easy button or a Buffalo Wild Wings button or just a straight direct line to the football gods because he's, like, a football whisperer when it comes to anticipating what the game's going to be like, how we need to win, and things like that. I'm extremely impressed with that," Newton said after Sunday's win.

"The Football Whisperer" has a nice ring to it, though some will argue that Newton's previous nickname for Belichick -- "Dollar Dollar Bill" -- is a better moniker for the head coach. With Sunday's stunning win, Belichick and the Patriots improved to 4-5 on the season and are now back in the AFC playoff picture.


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