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Buy Or Sell: Is Vince Wilfork A Football Hall Of Famer?

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was a Buy or Sell Monday on the Game of Jones, as 98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones and Nick Cattles went over some of the biggest topics surrounding Boston sports. Chief among them is former Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork, who announced his retirement on Monday.

Is Wilfork worthy of enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Jones' answer is below, along with several other "Buy or Sell" scenarios:

Buy or Sell: Wilfork is the best defensive lineman in Patriots history

"I would have to sell that," said Jones. "I don't even think he's the greatest defensive lineman in Bill Belichick's tenure. I think I'm in the minority about this. ... Bill said 'He's the best defensive lineman I've coached here,' and I said 'Well Bill, that's false - that feels like sour grapes over the way things ended with Richard Seymour. ... To me, Seymour was better. Seymour was more dominant. Seymour was more impactful."

Buy or Sell: Wilfork is a Hall of Famer

"I sell that one, too," said Jones. "I think he made four Pro Bowls. ... He ate up blockers in the middle of a defensive line. He has two rings, that's going to help. ... I think Richard Seymour is kind of borderline, and Seymour, to me, was better and won more and was more impactful."

Buy or sell: Bruins would have still won a Stanley Cup if they traded Joe Thornton for Roberto Luongo

"Imagine how that would have changed the fate of [the Bruins] ... I sell the idea," said Jones. "Without Tim Thomas, are they winning that Cup [in 2011]? ... I sell that they would have been that sort of team if Luongo came in for Thornton. It's honestly kind of better that they just got a bunch of scrap heap players, so they could move on and start over."

Buy or sell: Celtics were going to draft Jayson Tatum no matter what pick they had

"I think you have to buy it," said Jones. "It sounds nice, and Tatum is of course trying to build himself up as the best player in the draft. ... It seems to me like [the Celtics] weren't all that high on Markelle Fultz."

Buy or sell: Tim Tebow will return to the NFL

"I sell it," said Jones. "I can't believe that the Dolphins were interested in bringing him in. ... That is shocking. He hasn't started in a long time in this league, it's debatable how good he was when he even played. I just think it's still a shame that he never got another chance."

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