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Buy Or Sell: Mookie Betts As Red Sox Leadoff Hitter In 2015

BOSTON (CBS) --  It was a "Buy or Sell" Monday night on The Adam Jones Show's Game of Jones!

Rich Keefe hit Jones with the following topics around the league:

- Buy or Sell: Mookie Betts as Red Sox' leadoff hitter next season:

"I think I'm going to buy it because I'm not sure Rusney Castillo is a leadoff guy," said Jones. "Betts has been [that prototypical leadoff guy].  He's an OBP and speed guy. The only thing that gives me pause is whether or not Mookie Betts is going to be on the team. If he is here, then he's the leadoff guy."

- Buy or Sell: Patriots offense finishes the season in Top 3 in points in AFC:

"I'll buy that, because they tend to figure it out every single year. Last year is a good example: We had a lot of the same criticism early in the season and the offense was seemingly bottoming out against Cincinnati in Week 5, but they finished second in points per game and third in total points behind Denver and Chicago. They can be top three offensively; it doesn't look that way now but the weapons aren't all that different. They need to protect Brady and have to get that figured out."

- Buy or Sell: Aaron Dobson playing in more than eight games this year:

"I don't get it with Dobson. It's not an injury thing because he's not on the injury report,"said Jones. "Now that he's here I'm not sure if it's a worth ethic thing or he's not on the same page with Brady becaues he missed times. I think he'll play more than eight games. I have to imagine they're sending a message to him... but I'll take the over."

- Buy or Sell: Adrian Peterson playing in the NFL again:

"Definitely 100 percent buy it. I think Ray Rice will play again and Adrian Peterson will play again," said Jones. "Someone always gives a guy with talent another chance. I don't agree with what Peterson has done... but I think somebody is going to give him another shot."

- Buy or Sell: Loui Eriksson will lead the Bruins in goals this season:

"I'll sell that. I know he's going to be on the top line with David Krejci and Milan Lucic, but I wouldn't be surprised if both of those guys outscore him," said Jones.

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