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Buy Or Sell: Bruins & Penguins Will Meet In The Eastern Conference Finals

BOSTON (CBS) - It was a "Buy or Sell" Monday on The Adam Jones Show's "Game of Jones." Play along with Adam Jones and Rich Keefe on the following topics…

1. The Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins finished the NHL regular season with the two best records in the Eastern Conference. Buy or Sell the B's and Pens meeting in the Eastern Conference Finals.

"I'm gonna sell it and here's why: I'm starting to talk myself into the New York Rangers just a little bit. Just a little bit," said Jones. "I know they're even with Philadelphia right now, but the way they've been playing at the end of the season with the addition of Martin St. Louis I just feel like they're playing better hockey than Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh might not even make it past the Blue Jackets."

2. The Indiana Pacers, the no. 1 seed in the NBA's Eastern Conference, have been struggling down the stretch. They lost the first game of the playoffs to the pesky 8-seeded Atlanta Hawks. Buy or Sell the Pacers actually losing the series.

"Atlanta can give them a run. I'm fully on board with [the upset]. Indiana was such a mess the way they were playing down the stretch. They only got excited for Miami. They were just not ready to play. Not only can Atlanta compete with Indiana, but they can win and I think they'll take that series," said Jones. "The Hawks aren't great by any stretch, but Indiana is in their own head."

3. Sticking with the NBA here, former Celtic Paul Pierce only had 15 points in the Nets' first game of the postseason against Toronto. However, 9 of those 15 came in the fourth quarter. Buy or Sell Pierce as a top five player in the Eastern Conference.

"I'm gonna sell that. I like Paul Pierce, but to say he's top five in the East means he's better than Joakim Noah, Paul Millsap -- and that's before you even get to LeBron James, Paul George, etc. Pierce is the Nets' closer and he can still knock down big shots, but he's not top five," said Jones. "I'm rooting for them. I think the Nets are the best shot to beat the Heat."

4. Shane Victorino could be off the disabled list as soon as Wednesday. Buy or Sell Victorino as the Red Sox leadoff hitter when he returns.

"I'm gonna buy it. Coming into the year I said he should do it against lefties and Daniel Nava against righties. But now I think Nava is gonna be the guy going to Pawtucket when Victorino comes up. It's not gonna be Jackie Bradley -- it shouldn't be. I think Victorino is gonna be the leadoff guy. I like the idea of having him up there in the lineup. I don't know they have anybody else who can do it," said Jones.

5. The 118th running of the Boston Marathon was held Monday -- all 26.2 miles of it. Buy or Sell running one quarter of that (6.525 miles) if you had to.

"I would be a slower pace than most. If I had to hit a certain threshold forget about it, but if I just had to stay running the entire time I think I could do a quarter marathon. Pretty sure I could make that happen," said Jones.

Listen below for the full discussion:

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