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Buy Or Sell: Are The Red Sox A Legit Playoff Contender?

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was another Buy or Sell Monday on the Game of Jones, focusing on the Boston Red Sox and the NBA Playoffs.

Adam Jones and Rich Keefe answered whether or not they're buying in on the Red Sox as a playoff team or Joe Kelly as a top-three starter on the pitching staff. They also touched upon the Draymond Green incident and the Oklahoma City Thunder's chances of winning it all.

Here is how Jones answered Keefe's questions for this edition of Buy or Sell on the Game of Jones...

Buy or Sell: The Thunder Will Win The NBA Championship

"I sell that," Jones said. "[Oklahoma City] are ahead of Toronto, but they're not ahead of Cleveland or Golden State. ... I see Golden State winning [the Western Conference Finals] and even if not, I could still see [the Thunder] falling to Cleveland in the NBA Finals."

Buy or Sell: Draymond Green didn't kick Steven Adams in the groin on purpose

"I sell that," Jones said. "Draymond Green knew exactly what he was doing and it's why I think he should be suspended - he's not, but he should be suspended. ... The NBA sets a bad precedent for themselves - not that it's anything new - when you're letting stars get away with something that other players couldn't."

Buy or Sell: The Red Sox as a playoff team

"I still sell it, but like I said, I'm getting close," Jones said. "I need to see just a little bit more before I'm there."

Buy or Sell: Joe Kelly as a top-three starting pitcher on the Red Sox

"I still sell that," Jones said. "Does he feel like a top-three guy? No. Does Steven Wright feel like he's going to keep it up? No. ... I sell the idea even if I acknowledge I'm not sure who's ahead of him in the pecking order."

Buy or Sell: The new J.J. Watt logo

"I 1000% sell just about anything related to J.J. Watt," Jones said. "I sort of begrudge everything J.J. Watt does."

Listen to the full podcast below:

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