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Boston Cookie Business Owner With Down Syndrome: 'All Of My Dreams Are Coming True'

BOSTON (CBS) - Collette Divitto's cookie business is suddenly booming.

Since WBZ profiled the 26-year-old who was born with Down syndrome, she has received dozens of cookie orders from around the country.

See Collettey's Cookies web site

Businesses have also expressed an interest in selling the cookies. Others want to offer them at upcoming holiday events.

Several people have also reached out, wanting to discuss possible investing opportunities.

collette divitto cookies
Collette launched her business from her Boston apartment. (WBZ-TV)

"All of my dreams are coming true," Collette told WBZ on Monday. "I can't believe this is happening. It's incredible."

Collette started the business after she faced barriers trying to find a paying job. Her hope is to grow the business and eventually hire other people with disabilities.

"It's so much more than her cookies. It's about getting jobs for everyone who deserves jobs," said her sister, Blake Divitto.

For now, Collette is looking at some busy weeks ahead as she orders ingredients in bulk.

"We keep telling her, 'You have the fame now, but the hard work is coming soon!'" her sister said with a laugh.

Collette is also basking in the steady stream of positive feedback from emails and comments on Facebook.

"This has been really exciting," she said. "It makes me feel really inspired."

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