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'Camp' Toy Store Opening At Burlington Mall, Featuring 'Paw Patrol' Experience

BURLINGTON (CBS) -- Winter break for schools is just around the corner, and for weary parents that means a scramble to find activities for their kids. A new spot at the Burlington Mall opening Thursday could help fill the void.

It's called "Camp." It's a 9,000 square-foot toy store that calls itself a "family experience" company.

It has toys, gifts and books. And behind a secret bookshelf there's a lot more - a themed room that changes every few months.

Right now, it's the "Paw Patrol" experience.

"Our play is immersive, it's physical, it's meant for the whole family," Camp's Amanda Raposo said. "Our goal is to help get those kids off those screens and give them a world where they can really play and have fun and use their imaginations to explore."

"Paw Patrol" may be for the younger kids, but Camp says families can expect other themes including toy labs, travel Camp, cooking Camp and cosmic Camp.

Reservations for the "Paw Patrol Experience can be made online here. Tickets start at $30 apiece.


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