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Bulpett On Adam Jones Show: Rivers Looking At Other Jobs Around NBA

BOSTON (CBS) - It seems like every day there is a new story surrounding Doc Rivers and his future with the Boston Celtics.

On Thursday it was reported that Rivers and the Los Angeles Clippers have a mutual interest in each other, but Doc still hasn't decided if he wants to return to the Celtics or not.

The Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett joined 98.5 The Sports Hub's The Adam Jones Show on Thursday night, and said right now the Celtics and Rivers are in a bit of a holding pattern.

"I think there are a thousand things going through (Doc's) mind right now, but he's changed from his stance that he'd like to be a Jerry Sloan, Gregg Popovich-type that essentially spends his career with one team, and then there's another part saying he'll either coach the Celtics next year or not at all. One of those two could still be (his decision), but what I'm hearing now is he's looking at some of these jobs and situations out there, and they seem a little sexy to him," said Bulpett.

Report: Sources Say Doc Believes It Might Be Time For A Change

"This is a case of Doc not being sure what he wants to do. The word up there is it's nothing to do with the fact they're rebuilding, but it probably is, a little bit. If that's the case, I don't think it would reflect well on Doc if he leaves this situation when it's difficult," he said. "Heading into the summer of 2007 before the Celtics traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, Doc Was a sub-.500 coach. He got the horse, did the right things with them and won. I cant blame a coach for not wanting to have a rebuilding period on his won-loss record, but that's what you sign up for, especially when you're a guy like Doc who talks a lot about loyalty."

Should Rivers choose not to finish the final three years on his contract with Boston, could the Celtics get something in return for their head coach?

"The Celtics would be looking for draft picks and players," said Bulpett. "They'll be looking for whatever they can get. I think we're putting the speculative card before the horse here, but the bottom line is the Celtics see Doc as an asset; they have him under contract the next three years and they're not going to let him walk away. When you have an asset like Doc Rivers, you don't let it get away for nothing."

It seems as though it's a foregone conclusion that the Celtics will enter a rebuilding period this summer, parting ways with older stars like Paul Pierce and Garnett. But, Bulpett says there is a chance they keep the team together.

"They're still waiting to see what is out there. What they do is dependent on what other teams are willing to do with them. They need a dance partner for the moves they want to make," he said. "If they find those partners and make trades that can improve the club now, there is a chance Paul Pierce stays. He's still a very good basketball player, and people seem to forget that. Kevin Garnett was an All-Star last season. These are assets and you have to use them to either play for your team or turn them into something better."

"What Danny Ainge can do trade-wise before the draft, heading into the draft, or what he thinks he has in his pocket afterwards will be a big key to what they decide with Pierce -- because they have to decide with him before June 30."

Steve Bulpett On The Future Of Doc Rivers

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