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Bruins' Seguin Saved From Foul Ball At Spinners Game

BOSTON (CBS) - We all know dating can sometimes be a dangerous game. Add in some minor league baseball, and that just ramps up the danger.

Just ask Bruins forward Tyler Seguin.

Seguin's speed dating event at the Lowell Spinner's game Wednesday night nearly went off without a hitch, until the Bruins' young star almost took a foul ball off the back of the head.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kendall Buhl reports


Luckily for Seguin -- and the entire Bruins organization -- Spinners vice president Dan Beaulieu was there to make the save which will rival those made by Tim Thomas during the 2011 Stanley Cup run.

Watch: Seguin Saved From Foul Ball

With the ball soaring at Seguin, who was busy on one of his speed dates, Beaulieu improvised and used his cell-phone to protect the Bruins' franchise player from impending doom. His phone was completely destroyed, but luckily Seguin came away unscathed.

"This lefty hit a shot right at the back of Tyler's head, and I valiantly jumped out and smashed my cell phone and saved his life. Saved the season of the Bruins," Beaulieu said in the video posted on

"Saved my life, yes you did," said Seguin. "I heard everyone yell 'heads up,' and then there was a big bam."

"He's going to get a 21st century iPhone, because he needed an upgrade anyways," a grateful Seguin joked afterwards.

In addition to losing his phone, Beaulieu also had a nice bruise on his hand.

Sounds like some B's tickets are in order for the Spinners VP.

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