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Bruins, Other Teams Shut Out Of Shattenkirk Trade By Massive Price Tag

BOSTON (CBS) -- Kevin Shattenkirk was the most popular name of all NHL players in trade rumors leading up to Thursday's NHL Draft, but as of Monday morning the All-Star defenseman is still a member of the St. Louis Blues. The major reason for that could be the Blues' asking price, which for multiple teams was much too high.

In the case of the Boston Bruins and GM Don Sweeney, the Blues reportedly asked for not just both of the Bruins' first-round picks but winger David Pastrnak - an incredibly steep price to pay for Shattenkirk, who is a legitimate top-pairing defenseman but only signed through the 2016-17 season.

"In all honesty [a trade] would have taken both first rounders and then some ... the acquisition cost was high," Sweeney told reporters at the draft about the Bruins' lack of big moves. He and the team are sticking to their previously outlined plan of developing their better young players, Pastrnak among them.

"We've been criticized, and rightfully so at times, for being impatient with our younger, skilled players," said Sweeney. "This represents a good opportunity that we don't want to do that."

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Red Wings also tried to trade for Shattenkirk, but the Blues asked for center Dylan Larkin, arguably the Wings' best young player and a "non-starter" in trade talks - so the Bruins weren't alone in getting priced out of a trade with St. Louis.

Despite remaining steadfast with their dedication to Pastrnak and other young players, the Bruins are still without a representative top-four defense and their options, assuming the price for Shattenkirk doesn't drop, are quickly evaporating.

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