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Bruins Ference Brings Stanley Cup Back To Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - The Stanley Cup is back in Boston, once again bringing smiles to the faces of Bruins fans.

Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference got his day with the Stanley Cup on Monday, and before taking it on another parade, wanted to share it with some special friends.

The first stop on Ference's day; Spaulding Rehab Hospital.

"Spaulding is a place that we came early since I came to Boston," said Ference, who pays visits to the hospital frequently. "I've been blown away every time; whether it's the patients or the staff. If you're looking for any inspiration it's a pretty good place to come."

Ference On Bringing Cup To Spaulding

"It was right at the top of our list of places we wanted to share it with," he said. "A day is really short when you're trying to pack in lots of smiles and a lot of happy people."

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There were plenty of smiles on the patients' faces, including Michael Murphy's. The 14-year-old from Wilmington mysteriously collapsed at the Bruins victory parade in June. His family discovered Michael has a rare disease, CPVT, and an unexpected adrenaline rush caused a heart attack.

The visit from Ference, and the Cup, is one of the experiences that gives everyone's spirit a lift.

"It's amazing, it's giving me goosebumps right now," said Michael's father, who says his son is improving and has hopes he will walk out of Spaulding on his own one day.

WBZ-TV's Ken MacLeod reports On Murphy's condition

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Some of Michael's vision has returned, and he can almost straighten out his arm. He is expected to spend at least two more months at Spaulding.

"Baby steps, but steps none-the-less," said the elder Murphy.

After their visit to Spaulding, Ference and the Cup paraded down Hanover Street in the North End.

Stanley Cup At Spaulding, North End Parade

"I feel like I've already had my day with the cup. Now it's about me trying to organize something where my wife, my kids, my family, obviously extended further out to the people of Boston and our friends around town; it's their time to enjoy it," said the Bruins defenseman.

"We have more friends here than any other city," said Ference, who calls the North End home. "It's really special to do it here and celebrate with people that have been waiting a long time. It makes it really great."

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Ben Parker from the North End


The Bruins open the regular season, and raise their Stanley Cup banner, October 6th against the Philadelphia Flyers.

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