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Bruins fans frustrated after Game 4 loss to Panthers "It got ugly"

Bruins fans reeling from Game 4 letdown against Panthers
Bruins fans reeling from Game 4 letdown against Panthers 01:38

BOSTON - Fans flooded into TD Garden Sunday for playoff hockey. Game 4, round 2 Boston Bruins vs. the Florida Panthers.

"The Bruins are coming back tonight," said Bruins fan Ryan Hefler.

It's the redemption round for the B's, facing the team that took them out last season in the first round.

"The Bruins choked. It was very embarrassing, very sad. Sad to see Bergeron go but we're coming back this year. It's going to be great," said Hefler.

But Bruins fans stand strong, pulling for their favorite players. "David Pastrnak," said one young fan.

Panthers beat Bruins in Game 4

But as the sun set on TD Garden and players took to the ice, the promise of a win waned as the Bruins fell 3-2 for a Game 4 loss. 

"We kept it really well at the beginning and then we just went down from there," said Michael, a Bruins fan.

Fans were reeling from the letdown. "It got ugly. They got booed as they should have," one fan said.

The Panthers now lead the Eastern Conference semifinal series 3-1.   

"It was a calamity!" another fan shouted. 

But still the Bruins fanbase believes Game 5 belongs to them. "I think we're coming back," a fan said. 

The Bruins will head down to Florida for Game 5 Tuesday. Despite frustration fans are pulling for their team.

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