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David Pastrnak Facing Quarantine Flow Dilemma: Keep It Or Cut It?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Like many people around the globe, Bruins star winger David Pastrnak emerged from quarantine with a slightly larger mane than he had a few months back. And like many people with newly coiffed heads of hair, Pastrnak is facing an internal debate as he heads back to his workplace: Keep the curls, or chop them off.

Pastrnak, who finished tied with Alex Ovechkin as the NHL's leading goal scorer this season, took that personal question and made it public on Wednesday when he responded to WBZ-TV sports producer Joe Giza's tweet about the stylish flow.

"Pasta was already playing off the charts this season but he's going to be unstoppable now with this kind of flow," Giza tweeted.

Pastrnak -- who spent his quarantine back home in the Czech Republic, if you were curious -- responded directly, asking Giza (and the world at large), "Cut it or keep it?"

It didn't take long for an overwhelming flood of replies to come in, urging Pastrnak to indeed keep those magnificent locks.

Obviously, Pastrnak couldn't reply to everybody. But he did reply to John Feitelberg of Barstool Sports, who's known for tweeting that "Pasta did the thing" every time the winger scores goals. (That happens quite often.) So, Pastrnak borrowed that phrasing to confirm that the golden flow will remain intact as the B's work toward a return to game action.

There's not much anybody in America can agree on at this particular moment in time -- except, of course, the undeniable wonder that is the combination of David Pastrnak and a tremendous head of hair.

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