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Bruins Coach Claude Julien Following Terror Threats At Olympics

BOSTON (CBS) - Boston Bruins Head Coach and Team Canada Assistant Coach Claude Julien is following the threats at the Olympic Games.

"They're trying to obviously shake us and probably in a lot of cases they're succeeding, but that's the think we have to do, we have got to try to fight through that," Julien said Monday.

An Islamic militant group in Southern Russia released this video promising "a present" for Olympic tourists, while claiming responsibility for the recent twin suicide bombings in Volgograd that killed more than 30 people.

Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, who was at the helm during the marathon bombings says the biggest concern now is what terrorists have already done in Sochi. "You're concerned really about pre-positioned assets," Davis said. "If the bombers had a plan, you worry about what's there an what's been prepositioned."

That's something Congressman Bill Keating is asking about while on a trip to Moscow. He says information sharing between the US and Russia has tailed off after the Marathon Bombing Investigation. "In the efforts beyond that, sharing information generally in the war against terror, that's not at the level the marathon bombing information is being transmitted," said Keating.

Back in Boston, the focus is on hockey, and the Games. "My job is to go there and coach a team, and you hope the people in charge of that will do the best job they can and make it a successful Olympics," Julien said.

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