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Brother Of Debra Davis Reacts To 'No Finding' Verdict

BOSTON (CBS) --- James "Whitey" Bulger was convicted Monday in a string of 11 murders and other gangland crimes but the jury could not come to an unanimous decision on the murder of Debra Davis.

Watch: Victims' Families React To Verdict

Steven Davis, brother of Debra said he was surprised but satisfied with the finding.

"I didn't expect that, I have to tell you all, I don't feel like he hands-on himself killed my sister but I do know that he was guilty of conspiring or taking part of the whole thing," Davis told reporters outside the courthouse.

"The no finding is better than a not guilty," Davis said.

Davis broke down in tears as he talked about whether justice was served for his sister and if she can finally rest in peace.

"She knows I'm a fighter and for this I'll be the last man standing," he said.

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