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Video shows suspects trying to climb into Brookline home

Suspects in Brookline home break-in caught on camera
Suspects in Brookline home break-in caught on camera 02:31

BROOKLINE - Two masked suspects were seen on surveillance video trying to climb into the second floor of a South Brookline home, and police say, one of them was armed with a loaded pistol. 

The home security camera system alerted that homeowner, who called police and led to the break-in plan being foiled. 

"I don't know that somebody brings a gun to break into somebody's house without at least considering that they might use it," said Brookline Police Deputy Superintendent Paul Campbell. "In this case it's good that we won't find out." 

Police said the quick-thinking homeowner first spotted the suspects on his surveillance camera, after the suspects triggered the motion detection lights in the backyard, then he called 911. 

Brookline break-in
Surveillance video captures two men allegedly trying to break into a Brookline home CBS Boston

Within seconds, Brookline officers are seen on surveillance video responding and one of the robbers slips right into custody. Moments later the second suspect is captured. 

"The homeowner did a great job," said Campbell. "He was calm, he was clear, and he didn't tip off the suspects that we were on the way, and they tried to run but they didn't get far." 

Suspects face several charges

Once the hoods and masks were uncovered, police say the suspects were identified as Mounssif Fellahi and Akram Boudhan, who are facing several charges including attempted breaking and entering, trespassing and illegal possession of a firearm. 

"This is a good day, I'm guessing there were a lot of happy people," said Campbell. "It's nice to catch the bad guys and you're there to protect the residents of Brookline and I think most of them are happy to get a call like that and have it work out the way that it did." 

"In a situation like this it's better to call us sooner, rather than later," added Campbell. 

Fellahi is being held a $10,000 bail. 

Boudhan is locked up with no bail until his dangerousness hearing on Thursday. The hearing determines if he's a legally dangerous person and therefore cannot be released. 

Police said Officers Sean Driscoll, Ryan Cabezas & P'tah Johnson made the arrests. 

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