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Police Searching For 2nd Suspect In Brookline Home Invasion

BROOKLINE (CBS) -- Police are hunting for a second suspect in a home invasion and burglary.

Officers in an unmarked car said two suspicious men got their attention Friday in the quiet Griggs Park neighborhood.

According to investigators, one of the men began walking down a driveway in the Griggs Road area.

In the words of police, they were "acting questionably."

About three minutes later, one of the officers said he saw one of the suspects on nearby Washington Street--jumping into a car and heading toward Beacon Street.

Police followed, and ended up pulling him over after they said he took a sharp turn onto a dead-end street.

Around the same time, back on Griggs Road, a resident called 911 reporting their home had been broken into. The homeowners called for help after they heard noises upstairs.

Police say it was the same location where the man was walking in the driveway.

The driver of the car was arrested and charged with breaking and entering.

Nobody was hurt, but investigators are still looking for the second suspect. Brookline Police would like any potential witnesses to give them a call.

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