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Brookline Democrat Raises $13,000 For Republican Office Damaged By Firebomb

BOSTON (CBS) - When a firebomb hurled through the front window of the local Republican headquarters in a small town in North Carolina, Brookline resident David Weinberger decided to do something about it.

"I think like any American it's appalling and it's exactly what we do not want for our electoral system," Weinberger said.

David Weinberger
David Weinberger raised $13,000 for a NC GOP office (WBZ-TV)

But David is not a Republican. In fact he firmly disagrees with most if not all of their policies. He's a Democrat and proud of it.

"Even though we deeply, deeply, disagree with these people on political issues, we don't want their offices blown up," Weinberger said.

A North Carolina GOP office was firebombed (WBZ-TV)

The attack badly damaged the inside of the Orange County office. Recently David rounded up some of his Democratic friends and decided to establish a fund to help the Republican office re-open.

His goal was $10,000. He surpassed that in just 40 minutes raising $13,000.

"First this is an appeal to Democrats to help the Republicans campaign," Weinberger said.

A Republican Party office was firebombed in North Carolina (WBZ-TV)

Kirsten Hughes is Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. "I think it's great and the spirit of this man and others who contributed to the GoFundMe Page it's heartwarming especially in times when you think that may be lost," Hughes said.

Weinberger says he's brought in a lawyer to help figure out the best and legal way to wire the money to the North Carolina office that stays within the election law guidelines.

"We are concerned as citizens that the process by which democracy proceeds, which is the most defining thing about America, that this was under attack," Weinberger said.

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