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Pickup truck lands on top of cars in Brockton crash; driver flees scene

Driver flees after pickup truck lands on parked cars in Brockton
Driver flees after pickup truck lands on parked cars in Brockton 02:31

BROCKTON - Brockton police are searching for the driver of a pickup truck who smashed into several parked cars after going airborne on Montello Street early Friday morning then fleeing the scene.

Glass and car parts are strewn about the lawn of the triple decker as police say the driver lost control of the pickup, hit a fire hydrant, clipped the corner of the home, then hit three parked cars before coming to rest on two of them.

Brockton Fire

"I'm sleeping and I heard the noise," said Felipe Alves who owns one of the heavily damaged vehicles.

"Boom, I came outside and saw the car on top, guys took off," said neighbor Casmiro Silvera. He claims it was a man and young boy who both jumped out and ran.

Surveillance video captured Brockton crash

Surveillance video captures the moment of impact and appears to show people running from the scene. "We're lucky nobody was injured," said Darren Duarte, a Brockton Police spokesperson. "When officers arrived people at the scene said we saw him running."

Police say there are no reports of a stolen vehicle, and the driver was not the owner of the pickup leaving many questions for investigators. They won't say if the owner knows the driver, only that it is part of the investigation.

Felipe Alves says he's looking for alternatives for his family while neighbors remain incredulous about the crash they heard. "I hope they find the person that did this. These people don't deserve what happened to them," said neighbor Linda Chapman.  

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