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Brockton Police Chief Saves Choking Baby

BROCKTON (CBS) - An emotional hug between a new mother, and her new hero. They were strangers Thursday morning, before he saved her baby's life.

"I thank God. I thank the chief. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have my daughter," Juliette Leger said.

Her 3-month-old, Audrey, needed urgent help.

"I heard a big scream. I ran to my mom and she was holding my daughter. She couldn't breathe. She had mucus coming out of her mouth and nose," Leger said.

Manny Gomes
Juliette Leger and Brockton Police Chief Manny Gomes (WBZ-TV)

The mother called 911. A calm dispatcher offered support until help arrived. It was Brockton's police chief who was closest, and pulled up first.

"I don't know of any more urgent call than that. It mobilizes the entire city. Everyone is going. Scariest call you can get as a police officer," said Chief Manny Gomes.

Baby rescued Brockton
3-month-old Audrey was saved by Brockton Police Chief Manny Gomes (Family photo)

Gomes performed back blows on the 3-month-old, and then a finger sweep of her mouth to clear her airway. She became alert and was breathing again. Little Audrey is at the hospital but she's going to be OK. Soon she will be home, right where she belongs.

"I still have my baby girl. I could have been leaving this hospital without her. I'm very, very thankful," Leger said tearfully.

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