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Brockton Midwife Finds Comfort At Work After Losing Husband To COVID

BROCKTON (CBS) - Barbara and Lester Wax knew how to build things. Together, they built a beautiful life. In the garage, Lester built beautiful cars.

His first baby was a 1931 LaSalle which he turned from a bucket of bolts to a museum piece. "Our first date was in the 31 LaSalle," Barbara recalls fondly.

Barbara and Lester were married for 42 years. They had two sons and three grandkids. But last Spring, Lester had a fall. He went to rehab for his injuries and contracted Covid-19. After a five-week battle, Lester lost his life on May 31 at age 74.

Barbara and Lester Wax
Barbara and Lester Wax (Family photo)

"I miss my husband terribly. It was awful," Barbara said. "We couldn't have the usual funeral. We had to limit numbers at the cemetery. It's sad and lonely."

Badly in need of a distraction, the Sharon woman decided to come right back to work at the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center where she works as a midwife. In the middle of the pandemic- after the loss of her husband- she wasn't thinking about catching Covid. She was thinking about catching something else.

"Catching Babies," Barbara said with a smile. "That's what all of us midwives call it."

Barbara Wax
Barbara Wax (WBZ-TV)

Happy moms and babies is exactly what she needed in her life. "Would not be in as good shape as I am now after the loss if I didn't have the opportunity to keep working. And still catch those babies and still provide prenatal care," Barbara said.

Some of Barbara's patients were Covid positive, so the risk was real. "When my son was with me for shiva, he said 'Mom you have to be careful. We don't want to lose two parents in a short period of time.'"

But Barbara was the very first worker at her health center to get the vaccine and hopes soon she'll be able to hug her own grandbabies again.

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