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Brockton Fairgrounds Owner Says Chances 'Slim' Historic Fair Will Return

BROCKTON (CBS) -- One of the country's oldest fairs may be gone for good.

Chris Carey, the organizer of the Brockton Fair, says there is a good chance it will not come back.

The Brockton Fair has been closed for the last two years because of the pandemic, and just this week, they announced it would be canceled again this year. The Fair had been a city staple since 1874.

Carey, who owns the Fairgrounds, says there is only a "slim" chance it would be back in 2023. And Carney says the heyday of the Brockton Fair has passed.

"I saw some decline at the end of it, and then COVID hit. And I thought it might be difficult to bring it back to what it was. I remember the 80s. They were great, and then the 90s were good too. After that, it took a little decline of attendance. People found other things to do. They went away. They had different interests."

As for the property itself, he says he would work with the city of Brockton to find a way to redevelop it that benefits the community.


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